Prize Money

Prize Money and Awards

Top Teacher Awards


NEW Top Teacher BONUS prize money for 2018 listed below.

Pro/am entries only. All entries must be danced to be eligible for the bonus.

50+ ($100); 100+ ($250); 150+ ($450); 200+ ($700); 250+ ($1000); 300+ ($1500)

  • Top Teacher Qualifications: Must have a minimum of 50 Pro/Am Entries
  • For 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places, the teacher must have a minimum of 250, 200, 175 and 150 Pro/Am entries respectively. Teacher must meet minimum entry requirements for prize money. In the event the 1st, 2nd and 3rd top teacher does not meet the minimum requirements, prize money will be awarded one place down.
  • All dances must be danced to qualify for top teacher points which include qualification for Pro/Am DanceSport Series entries.
  • Calculation of Entries: Each single dance counts as 1 entry. Multi-dance events count as 2 entries. Closed scholarship events count as 2 entries. Open scholarship events count as 3 entries.

Placement Points to Teachers for each Pro/Am or Student/Student Entry:

**Adult Single and 3 Dance Entry; Pro/Am Multi 4 or 5 Dance Entries are doubled

For each 1st Place 8 points

For each 2nd Place 7 points

For each 3rd Place 6 points

For each 4th Place 5 points

For each 5th Place 4 points

For each 6th Place 3 points

For each 7th Place 2 points

For each 8th Place 1 point

For each and every recall from preliminary rounds 1 point

**If a placement is in an uncontested division, the points will be halved.

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


5th Place


6th Place


7th Place


8th Place


9th Place


I0th Place