* New Pro/Am Scholarships and Championships in Bronze, Silver, Gold And Open Levels in all 4 Styles * New Pro/Am Showdance Scholarship * New Junior Scholarship - 3 Dance - All Closed Levels combined * New Rising Star Professional Championships

Costume restrictions

Costume restrictions will be enforced for Pre-teens and Juniors. Please check the NDCA Rules and Regulations for details. Pre-teens are restricted to dancing Closed (Bronze, Silver & Gold) Syllabus only
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Dear friends,

Thank you all very much, for attending last year's Chicago Harvest Moon Ball! With your support it was our largest to date!

For 2017, we have some new and exciting surprises planned.

A new venue, more dance categories and more scholarships offered. Live streaming and interviews with the winners.

At Harvest Moon Ball, we make certain the attention is on you!

Looking forward to meeting you all again in October!

Peter & Yulia