* New Pro/Am Scholarships and Championships in Bronze, Silver, Gold And Open Levels in all 4 Styles * New Pro/Am Showdance Scholarship * New Junior Scholarship - 3 Dance - All Closed Levels combined * New Rising Star Professional Championships

Costume restrictions

Costume restrictions will be enforced for Pre-teens and Juniors. Please check the NDCA Rules and Regulations for details. Pre-teens are restricted to dancing Closed (Bronze, Silver & Gold) Syllabus only
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Dear friends,

Chicago Harvest Moon Ball is around the corner!

We have a few important announcements:

  • Top Teachers now get bonus money, based on the number of pro/am entries, starting at 50 pro/am entries and above

  • Fun "Chicken Dance" competition on Sunday, open to public and spectators

  • We are now a Junior Dancesport Series event for 2018!

  • We are a "Best of The Best" event in all Bronze, Silver, Gold, Open and Showdance events!

Plan on seeing our spectacular Saturday night show, by Professional National and World Finalists Max Sinitsa and Tatiana Seliverstova!

Stay tuned for more announcements and fun surprises on our website

Peter & Yulia